Tuesday, October 11

We have to focus on focusing

So, I was talking to my 17 yr old son tonight and he brings up the things that bombed at McDonald's.  I asked "How on earth did you get to that?"  
He says, with a shrug, "Well, you know, when you're surfing the internet - one thing leads to another."

So we then talk about how easy it is to get distracted from the one thing you were looking for and not because your search engine lead you astray but because there are so many things to know and so many links to those things.  I used to think that clicking a link with the scroll wheel on a mouse to get a new tab to open was the best thing ever! Now, it's like a curse and I can't help but click all these links and next thing you know I have so many tabs open and they are so small that I can't even see the icons much less the text on the tab.  Then it takes me an hour, usually more, to figure out and get back to the original thought.

Don't get me wrong I love having so much info at the tip of my fingers or in the palm of my hand (smart phones) but I am finding that I have to actively focus on focusing on the original task.  Hence, starting and stooping several Blogs before this one.  

So I'm putting into practice to finish my thoughts first then going back through to click on extra links.  It has also helped me around the house, to finish a task before starting new one.  It's slow going on the internet part but I am getting some of those long standing chores done.

'Til next time!