Thursday, November 24

I hate following directions!

I like to sew, knit and crochet.  i just like to create things!

By trade I am a computer IT support person. I am one of those folks that just does whatever needs to be done and if I don't know it, I Google it and figure it out. Before being laid off back at the end of June 2011 I was a Helpdesk manager but I really enjoyed doing the work, better yet: making it work!  You know, like Tim Gunn (Project Runway) always tells the designers? That's kind of hard to demonstrate on a résumé, by the way.     Even in that job I loved coming up with the answer, especially when others couldn't.  Sometimes the answer was a work around due to time constraints.  But whatever i was doing, I just wasn't going to let those computers beat me and I will make it work!

Now that I am back into sewing and able to create all day, I find myself doing exactly that.  I read the instructions (a little bit) because let's face it, sometimes reading ahead actually does make things easier. But by the time I am finish with a garment I have changed it in some way to make it work for me.  I find that creative people see the world a little different than most, in parts.  What I mean is when I look at a completed garment, I start to look for the seams and mentally take it apart.  I do that with computers and once I started working on bigger projects in my house, I see those things the same way.  It doesn't have to be things that I have created, just things that I am familiar with and have seen the parts, even a little bit.  I have found that the more I do it the more it happens and the easier it is to see in my mind.  This also allows me to see things in parts that I may not have worked on before.  I have also found that being able to do that allows me to make things work even when they appear to have gone awry.  I can visualize the parts and manipulate them in my head so then I can make what may have been a mistake work out.  And then I found that more times than not, I like the new garment that was unexpected.

The point I am trying to make is this;  no one but you knows what your intentions were when you started, they don't know that the instructions said go right and you went left so if there is a mistake, put down the project and think about what comes next and how to make it work for you.  

Thanks for reading!