Thursday, December 1

The NEW sliced bread!!!

I have discovered "the best thing since sliced bread" for those of us that have a lot on our plate, may be forgetting stuff because we have so much on our plate or because we just want to be more organized.

It is called  (  IT'S FREE! Of course there is a paid version that gives you more options but I find that their prices do not offend me ($5/month or $45/yr), especially now that I've been using for a few days.  But seriously, I don't mind the little ads that I see, I have even clicked on a few because they were actually pertinent to me!  I've decided to see how much I would use it before paying and I will more than likely pay for the premium once my financial life is back in order (I was laid off back in June 2011).  needless to say, I am using it - a lot!

Evernote  allows you to put all your to do lists, notes to yourself in one place and you can share notebooks with others if you choose, it will grabs stuff from email, web pages, almost anything you can highlight were you have it installed and of course, you can create notes and notebooks in the app. It doesn't have pop up or email reminders, but there are some workarounds, but I can live with that and I am finding myself just putting in reminders to check Evernote (I have a appointment notebook that I refer to in my Google Calendar reminder they also mention using gadgets that haven't tried, yet).

I don't know about you but, I have lots of emails at home and at work (before I was laid off) that I saved as "notes" just because I wanted to hang on the part of the info.  Well I started going through those and (found out that I didn't need to hang on to most of it but,) started adding them to Evernote, the whole email with attachments. Now my email is finally clean! This is great!

Oh, I can't believe I forgot to mention a very awesome can send emails to add notes and if you decide to hook in to you twitter account you can tweet yourself a note.  That is so cool.  You can add pictures, web addresses, just about anything! You can even opt to search it when searching with Google if you install/use the Chrome extension.

I am sure I am forgetting other stuff but you have to try it out!

Well, I just wanted folks to know (even though no one is really reading my blog, yet, but when you do...)