Tuesday, March 13

Encouraging words & a cousin

I'd like to give a shutout to my cousin, Nikita, for doing her thing and invite you to take a look/listen to her show "Life without limits"; http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/20985991

Maybe this will help is allowing us to have a better view on things and give us ideas to live a full and wonderful life.

Good job, Nikki!!

Monday, March 5

A few posts back I mentioned Evernote, which is the best thing since sliced bread to me.  Evernote is a software that you install on your smart phone, all of your computers and your friends, too, if you can and you create and keep your notes, voice memos, pictures, and ideas in notebooks and access then from wherever you have internet access.  You can also have your drawings in there as well!!  You can install Skitch on your smartphone and DRAW your ideas and have them synced in Evernote.  You can draw on existing pix or from scratch.  check it out at Evernote.com or skitch.com and in your phone's app market place.

Even if Evernote is not installed they still have a web interface so you just need internet access.  And yes, it's FREE!

Just thought I'd share!!