Monday, November 26


Years ago I hear this song in a movie "High Crimes" (2002) named "I'm Not the Enemy" sung by Lina (wiki page) which I just loved and ever since I've followed her the best I could since she is now on her own independent label Moodstar Recordings.  Lina has put out some great music that has a vintage jazzy soul sound and touch of R & B.  I have come to many of her songs because they really speak to me and my experiences.  But one her sew CD 'Vintage' there is a wonderful song that immediately made me picture two people singing it to each other at their wedding.  You should check it out! You can listen to a sample on, which is an independent music site.The name of the song is "By The Way"  I am not even close to getting married but I love it and I think you will enjoy it as well as many of her other songs.

Support Independence!

Wednesday, November 21

Selling around the world

Are you a crafter, a seller of smaller light weight items or tangible goods on line? Do you sell around the world? If not, you should probably give it lots of thought. It may not be as hard as you think it is.

What I am specifically talking about things are that weigh less than 4 pounds. Did you know that you can ship to a lot of countries via USPS first class international mail parcel for a reasonable rate because the international limit for first class is 4 pounds, not 13 ounces.  Check out the USPS Postal Calculator.  There are some size limits but, they're still pretty decent. Don't forget that there maybe some other restrictions that differ from country to country. Make sure you state on your product listings that the buyer is responsible for any import taxes or duties.

Did you know that shipping to Alaska, Hawai'i, most APOs/FPOs/DPOs and US territories is the same as shipping to the contiguous states for smaller and lightweight items?  You can go to and on line create the forms/labels needed.

Don't cut off some potential customers who easily may become regulars simply because YOU are willing to ship to them and the next seller is not.

Just a thought!

Saturday, November 3

Help for a very small business, please!

FedEx is sponsoring a grant contest in which I have entered. If you would be so kind to vote for my business it would greatly be appreciated and every little bit helps as I am starting out.

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How it works...
People vote for a business and the top 100 vote getters get judged by folks at FedEx. There is a $25,000 grant and five other $5000 winners. You can vote for one small business per day until November 24 2012.

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I forgot to mention that you need to have a face book account to vote.