Monday, November 26


Years ago I hear this song in a movie "High Crimes" (2002) named "I'm Not the Enemy" sung by Lina (wiki page) which I just loved and ever since I've followed her the best I could since she is now on her own independent label Moodstar Recordings.  Lina has put out some great music that has a vintage jazzy soul sound and touch of R & B.  I have come to many of her songs because they really speak to me and my experiences.  But one her sew CD 'Vintage' there is a wonderful song that immediately made me picture two people singing it to each other at their wedding.  You should check it out! You can listen to a sample on, which is an independent music site.The name of the song is "By The Way"  I am not even close to getting married but I love it and I think you will enjoy it as well as many of her other songs.

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