Wednesday, February 13

Must read labels!

I know we don't have a lot of time these days to stop and read EVERYTHING we should read but, WE MUST!  ...and then ask some questions.

We are all aware of schemes and scams that are always trying to separate us from our money. We do more online/catalog type shopping than ever before.  So why do we not take the time to read about what we are getting?

I hate to admit it but, I have gotten so excited about finally finding that one item I have been looking for so long that I just buy it before it gets away.  Then when I get it, I am so disappointed that it is not in fact what I thought it was on the web page.  When I go back to actually read the web page, it is blaring that it is not all that I wanted and hoped. I don't understand how my eyes can deceive me so.

That has happened to me enough that now when I finally find that one item that has been eluding me, I READ IT THREE TIMES OVER!  If I have one detail I am not clear about, I ask a question of the seller.  If it's in a different country, I send the question in English and use Google Translate to send it in what I think is the native language (I have to Google that, too).

The point is that we can not rely on the pictures alone, we MUST READ as well.  It only takes a few minutes more to make sure we are getting what we really want.