Monday, June 24

eBay's new seller fee structure in 2013

I am a top rated and power seller on ebay: Big Gurl Cloz & other finds. I have tried other market places but, let's face it, nobody gets the traffic that ebay does...and that's what we're paying for--site traffic.  When I started selling full time I thought it would be worth it but, at this rate for a seller like me--it's not!  By the time eBay takes there fees (even before the change) and Paypal (eBay owned) takes their fees, even with the top rated seller 20% discount on final value fees, all totaled in the end--40% or more goes right to eBay in some form.

I know, the notice about the new fee structure for 2013 has been out for a while but I decided to hold off before saying anything until I started working with it.  I still think the same thing that I thought when I first read about it.

Only eBay can make FREE COST MORE!!

This especially applies for those of us that have lots of lower value items (sewing patterns).  I used to pay 5¢ per fixed price listing now 500 "free" listings and 10% fvf (used to be 11% fvf and from shipping the buyer pays), it actually works out to about 11¢ insertion fee per item if I list 1000 items.  I pay 59.95 a month ($10 more than before) since I can't afford to pay the $600 upfront for my store.  eBay got me excited with "500 Free insertion listings"  but as we know "ain't nothin' free" and eBay has worked hard to make cost more!.

Yes, I am slowly moving away from eBay and splitting my items to other sites:
Most sewing patterns and other craft items will end up on ByGone Curios
Other items created/designed by me with go to Big Gurl Cloz
Both sites are a work in progress but something has got to give and not to eBay any more!

It seems to me that you have to sell really high priced items to really make any money on eBay or sell really infrequently without a store.  I get they have to make money but, don't you have to have good sellers to sell what buyers want?  At this rate only sellers left will be the mega retailers.  They better watch out there are so many other up and come-ers and of course Amazon.  It just craziness!!