Monday, January 26

It's been a long time...!

I know it's been a while.  I have been working on the WASHABLE HAND FANS.  I did a few for Christmas--YES, Christmas because not everyone's Christmas is during winter months and some of us are just HOT ALL THE TIME!  Now I am getting ready for spring and I can't wait to be warm again!

I have also been destashing, both my fabric and yarns.  I finally faced the reality that even if I lived until 100 years old and did nothing but sew or knit/crochet, I still wouldn't be able to get through it all.  Even if I did, what would I do with it?  So I had to rethink the "keep/let it go line."

This is the dynamic line in my head that I use to decide whether or not to keep things or let them go.  Reality hurts!  :(   BUT, I do love the space and feeling of being able to find good homes for all the accumulated craft items.  I list on eBay, Listia, Etsy, and I donate to some local charities.  Donation is a great way to keep useful things out of the landfill.  A lot of charities will pick up from your home and you don't have to be there.

Any whooo!  I wanted to share a video that I have seen a couple of times and you probably have, too.  This time it occurred to me that this is a great yarn holder!  Instead treats put yarn in your bag and make sure you thread it through the cap and it can be any size you want.  I really like this because I have a fluffy dog and this really helps keep the dog hair out of the yarn.  I also use large clear trash bags to hold my projects while I work on them to keep the hair away.

Happy crafting!