Wednesday, May 13

FREE Sewing Pattern Hanger Tutorial (DIY)

Do you find yourself trying to keep up with the pieces of a pattern that you are currently working on?  You may even be sewing up more than one pattern at a time.  You've probably seen those pattern hangers that design houses use with their kraft paper patterns & slopers and thought "I might have to get some of those."
Traditional sewing pattern hanger

Well, you can create your own with items that you probably already have laying around the house or in your junk drawer.

All you need is a wire hanger and binder clips or trouser/pants hanger with clips.

You can use almost any size binder clip, as long as it fits around the hanger and can hold the pattern pieces securely.

Simply open the clip, insert the hanger and then the pattern pieces.

I have found that if I have a lot of pieces to clip, it is easier to lay them on top of each other on my cutting table, line up the edges to be clipped and then slide them into the binder clip.
There are three sets of doll sized patterns on one hanger.

To keep them from sliding across the hanger, bend it.  
Place your thumbs where you want the bend and apply a little pressure while bending to get a fairly sharp corner. 

As for pants/trouser hangers, just clip your items within the clips. 
I found that balancing the load will keep them on the hanger better.  
The only problem I encountered is that the clips can be too weak for paper.

As you can see you can even include zip lock project bags on the hangers.

I love using this because I can see at a glance what needs to be finished and it keeps the pattern out, but out of the way during assembly.  

FYI:  I have set up my kids' old closet bar extension (hanging from the ceiling) next to my sewing table to hang these.
just an example

Hope this helps with your organization!