Tuesday, November 8

Any Size Circle Skirt Calculator


Click to make a circle skirt in any size
Want a pattern to make a circle skirt, a poodle skirt, a square dance skirt or swing/twirl skirt in your size?  Maybe make one for your friend and her daughter.  Then you should try this pattern calculator!  Not only can you create circle skirts you can create a half circle skirt which is half the fullness of the full circle.  You can create a three quarter circle skirt which is 3/4 the fullness of a full circle and you can create a A-Line skirt which is a quarter of a circle!

Did I mention that THE MATH IS DONE FOR YOU!

You can do all of that and make it in virtually any size and length you like!  Did I mention that you can even do a tiered skirt or add a wide yoke to the waistline?  Click the pic and check it out.

Use this file (once purchased), you enter the desired measurements and then print using the buttons provided.  You can add seam allowance in both directions, ease, and even a waistband or elastic.  You can even do panels.

If I didn't make something clear in any of the patterns, as always you can use the contact form in this blog.  Please, don't be shy, I welcome all feedback.

Check out this video to see it action...