Tuesday, November 8

Hot Pink Diamonds Dress

Doll sized strapless dress with exposed bodice darts and huge bow. To achieve the intended look, there are two bodices and is fully lined with contrasting fabric.

It is available via download and hardcopy  at BigGurlCloz.com!

Below are images from and to enhance the instructions that come in the purchased pattern. Click the pictures to enlarge.

Dress 2b - This is the wrong side of the outer bodice.  The two spots are the dart points.

Dress 3a - The top edge of the inner bodice is pointing away from you.  The green pin shows the end of  the stitches, 3/8" from curved edge.

Dress 3e - Click to see the stitches on curved edged, but the not catching the bodice.

Dress 4c - it's ok if there is a little gap between the pieces.

Bow 15b - extension attached to bottom of the bow.
Bar tacks can be accomplished by setting your machine to zigzag, decreasing the stitch length to zero or lowering the feed dogs.

Bow 15c - accordion fold
Bow 15c - Turned and tacked.
Bow 15d - Twist, keeping bodice flat.

Bow 15d - tack to bodice after twist

Bow Tacked in place