Monday, January 2

Start Now!

Every year millions make new years resolutions only to fail later.  My question is "Why not start when now? "  'Now' being whatever time of year.  Why would we put off what we really want to do or need to do?  Avoidance through procrastination and distraction. But what we fail to realize is that by doing this we are putting off our happiness.   And who wants to do that?   So, next time you have an idea to improve yourself or your circumstances (legally & ethically of course), take inventory of where you are at the time, note where you want to be, figure what it will take to get there and the first step, THEN START!  Even if only in little tiny steps, at least you will be making a move towards your goal.

Sunday, January 1


I have already blogged about "Focus on Focusing" just a couple of bogs ago but about two and half months ago.  But I found that it is important to expand on that and think about distractions.

I have always tried to think about what is truly important in my life and keep it first, to focus on it and make sure I take care of the things or people that are truly important.  I even have figured out why things are important to me and that has enabled me to better prioritize important things.  But recently I have also figured out that I must think about those hated and not so hated (sometimes very much loved) distractions. If I didn't actively think about them to mark them as a distraction and why I was doing them instead of what I should be doing then I was doomed to repeat.  So yes, I will give those activities I do to avoid the real (hard) tasks in order to recognize better that I am just trying to avoid something.  Sometimes the distractions is something we need to do just not as urgently as others.

Doing this has helped me get the important things done first and I feel better because they are done.  The not so important things they'll be there or I figure out they aren't as important as I once thought.

So keep the important things at the top of you list.  KNOW why they are important.  KNOW what your distractions are so you know when they come up.  This has made my life easier because I don't have things to do hanging over my head.